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Can it be possible to fall out of love with your own baby? by momtobe19

Its a touchy subject. Mama's all over the world who may feel that they have lost a sense of love with their children but are to afraid to express themselves because of fears that society will condem us as wrong. How could you not love your baby they said to me.....How could you not want to be his mom anymore. you have spent nearly 3 years with this child and just not after he has known u for his whole life are u saying that you cant do this.

These are the echos in my head from everyone I told that I didnt WANT to be a mom anymore. I didnt want to get up at night and tend to a fever, I didnt want to work a shit job just to pay all my money in daycare, I didnt want to have to fight for child support anymore.....Im tired...Tired of having a shitty bd who does NOTHING for my child, tired of having to work a full time job and try to go to school all while I have this 2 and a half year old on my hip crying because I am crying.

Feelings overcome me. I want to take my child to cps this very second and hand him over to a family that desearves his wonderful personality a family that will make a better life for him....I cant exactly describe why I didnt want to be his mom anymore. I guess its just too hard, harder than I ever thought it would be......I think to myself they were right I cant do this I am failing as a mother. Look at me three years into this and I am already giving up, but.........

what they didnt tell me is that mothers arent perfect we will have times when things are too rough to handle and we need support, we will have times when we question are choice to be mothers, and we will question it more because we are young mothers. We will have moments where we think we cant do this anymore and are on the virge of giving up. but............

we will have eachother as women and as mothers we all have something in common and with that in mind we will always be here to help each other.

This I wrote because I felt as if like me there might be other mothers out there that feel like I did a while ago...Its a hard thing to talk about because we as mothers are not " suppose" to doubt are mothering abilitys. Publically I am going to thank the mods for what they did for me....they know what that is. I am glad this stage for me has passed and I hope writing this can open up the comfortability of talking about this and not hiding our feelings in fear of looking like inadequate mothers.