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I Chose Abortion and I am Proud by kaya

I am proud that I made the best choice for my life and that of my child, even though the thousands of people who are yelling at women and trying to control their bodies try to make that choice look bad. I am proud I didn't let myself be bothered by the opinions of people who would ever judge another person for how they chose to control not only their bodies, but their future.

I am proud that I stood up for myself and demanded a direction for my life that I wouldn't have been able to have, had I let myself be an incubator for a kid I had no desire in bringing into the world. I am proud that I focused on my own needs that were grounded in reality instead of the sentimental bullshit surrounding a zygote or an embryo!

I am proud that I made some super hard choices in the face of criticism and sexist, cruel hate. I am proud that I had the strength to do that.

I am proud of myself for not subjecting any children to a life of feeling resented, of confusion, of poverty. I wouldn't have been able to support all of us alone. I am proud of myself for recognizing that and making such hard choices, instead of just "hoping everything would be ok."

I am proud that I have not become entangled with yet another shitty babydaddy who doesn't give two shits about that oh so precious life he also contributed to. I am proud that I will not have to worry or cry or feel horrible because I know what he is doing is so very emotionally damaging to my child. I am proud that I said "fuck that" to ever having to be involved with men I had no long term commitment to, just to be disappointed by them regularly anyways. I am proud that I demanded that my relationships only carry on into the future because of love, rather than expectation or what seems proper at the time.

I am proud that I demanded a life based NOT on my reproductive capabilities but for what I truly want in life. I am proud that even though I am a woman, and women are so often viewed first in terms of their sexuality and second in terms of their reproduction, I boldly admitted to wanting and needing to be more than that in life, and made the very brave first steps to getting that.

I fucking LOVE abortion, I tell other people all the time that I have had many of them, and would recommend the experience to anyone.

No other experience in my life has liberated me so much. No other experience has challenged me so much, and not because it was emotionally hard, but because I had to stand up for myself and demand what I wanted in life and that is never easy. Rather than growing babies I have no interest in, I have grown and invested into my own life and future, and hell fucking yes, I am proud of that.