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My Story

My Story
by Alli18

If someone had asked me for my story over a year ago it would be dull. It would be a story about a girl who got up everyday and went to school. A girl who played sports and had a lot of friends. My story was one without hardships or difficult decisions. I am no longer that girl.

My new story starts on a regular day. I have just turned 14 and I am walking to my 8th grade classroom. I am greeted with eager hugs from a few of my friends who say to me "Hey Alli! Are you going to the party at Nikki's tonight?” I look back at them and say "Of course!" I did go to the party that night. It was full of kids ages 13-15 having a good time. It was completely innocent. Or so I thought. I spent the first hour of the party flirting and drinking. To this day I cannot be sure, but I believe someone put something in my drink because in no time at all, I was woozy. I went upstairs to lay on a bed. I almost made it when I passed out, only a foot away from my target. When I began to come to I was very cold, and I noticed I was on the bed. I hadn't made
it that far! I thought to myself. I began noticing other things. I was naked! And finally, there is someone on top of me! In my mind I knew what was happening; I was being raped. My vision was cloudy and my body was not responding. I drifted out of consciousness.

I was finally awoken by my best friend Kara standing over me crying. She asked me what happened, but she already knew the answer. She took me to her mother (a doctor) and I had tests for STD's, nothing. Then when I missed a period, I went back for a pregnancy test. Shit! I was going to have my attacker’s baby. I had an abortion and tried to continue with my life. I was so depressed and I felt so violated. My boyfriend took me to another party some months after. We both got drunk and had sex. We used a condom which broke. I returned for another pregnancy test. Positive. I decided to continue the pregnancy. My parents were quick to disown me and show me the door. My boyfriend wanted nothing to do with the fetus. I was so alone. I dropped out of school near my eighth month. I lived with my grandparents. I was having a bay girl and decided on a name, Emma Lynn. The birth was so much easier than I expected, not to say it was easy though. Emma was the most beautiful thing ever. My grandparents bought me an apartment in a building next door to them. Emma was a very healthy newborn and still is. I met someone who loves us both, Derrick, and we are currently together. I am loving being a mama! I change diapers and breastfeed. Read bedtime stories and wake up at night to the sound of a baby crying. 15 may be young, but it is not too young. I want to be the best mom ever! My story has changed, and there is a new character, my little angel, Emma.