Community Advocacy and Support by and for Young Mothers

Online Resources

Here are some resources that you can find online. Look for even more in the EMPOWER zine, coming to a teen mama near YOU.

Reproductive Health

Escaping Abuse and Healing from Rape and Assault

Body Image

Girl Power!

Breastfeeding (you can find LLL groups in your area) (Don't go to debate boards They can be hurtful towards teen mothers.) (Canada based) (has a discussion forum)

mama websites:


School Funding/Education (apply for financial aid here)

Finding Social Services (lets you know what benefits you are most likely eligible for )

Food Stamps

Child Care Assistance

Housing/Section 8

Family Assistance

Misc. Grants


Insurance for Children

Disability Benefit Information

Housing Loans for low income families

Job Oppurtunities for Low-Income Individuals

Head Start Program