Community Advocacy and Support by and for Young Mothers

Reproductive Rights Organization Spotlight has decided to highlight the work of organizations that are fighting to protect the reproductive rights of teenage women and the rights of teen mothers. Do you run or know of an organization that is worthy of being recognized, and needs more support? Send information and a link to their website to

This Month's featured organization is called Jane's DUE PROCESS and is based in Texas.

Jane's DUE PROCESS (JDP) is a non-profit organization that serves as an
information and advocacy center dedicated to promoting the fair
application of the judicial bypass option of the Texas parental notification
law for minors seeking an abortion. Jane’s Due Process operates a 24
hour hotline which screens callers and then offers clinic recommendations
and/or attorney referrals. The website for Jane’s Due Process contains
exact information on the law in Texas, the JDP and other hotline
numbers, and contact information for other state and national organizations
devoted to teen and reproductive rights.

JDP's Mission: To ensure that each minor in the State of Texas who
seeks a judicial bypass waiver has fair and equal access to the court