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Ten Things You Can Do To Protect Reproductive Freedom by Allison Crews

Ten Things You Can Do To Protect Reproductive Freedom
by Allison Crews

1. Donate time at area high school's child care centers. Offer to help watch the student's kids after class hours so that they can finish their homework and graduate.

2. Donate umbrellas to clinics targeted by "clinic cams" that tape women going to have reproductive medical procedures. The umbrellas can be used to cover women's faces.

3. Start a local support group for birthmothers, who are often excluded from any post-adoption support once their child is safe in their new middle-class home. Birthmothers deserve the right to heal.

4. Create and sustain communities for socially excluded mothers in your area.

5. Wheat paste paper with messages saying "you can do it!", "you are not a statistic", "rise above!" and comparable encouraging statements over anti-teen mother propaganda posters (often found at malls and bus stops).

6. Help poor mothers by donating infant anc child clothes and supplies to local agencies.

7. Distribute condoms and birth control information to students outside (off school grounds) high schools with abstinence-only sex education curriculum.

8. Speak proudly and boldly of your reproductive choices, in an effort to help other women feel safe in doing the same. Refuse to be ashamed of the choices you have made for yourself, your uterus and your children.

9. Work with local clinics to develop a volunteer-run driving program, to help give women rides home after abortions. Provide post-abortion support (much like a post-partum doula) with childcare, cooking, emotions and getting settled in to recover after the procedure.

10. Stay informed about any and all legislation dealing with reproductive issues (i.e. the law in Florida which requires a birth mother to publically publish her sexual history in local newspapers before placing a child; any laws pertaining to abortion and new infringements on our rights, etc). Immediately write to all your representatives, encouraging them to vote against any restrictive legislation and to support any positive action. Be prepared to make signs, find out when protests are taking place (or organize them yourself) and fight in the streets to ensure that ALL of our sisters have access to ANY reproductive choice, in a society free of shame and stigma.