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Ten Ways to Have Fun for Under $2: Advice from Under the Edge by Wendy Dutton

Ten Ways to Have Fun for Under $2: Advice from Under the Edge by Wendy Dutton

Why should Dad and Grandma get all the glory? Just because you're poor doesn't mean you can't spoil your kids....

1. The Rosebud Bath: Steal roses from your neighbors yard and sprinkle them in the tub. If roses are unavailable, any pretty flowers will do.

2. The Psychedelic Cape: Go to your local thrift store and find one of those day-glow flower bathrobes from the sixties. With a little trimming and some rope it can be quickly made into a most excellent cape.

3. Love Your Sidewalk: This is one of those cases where a sharp stick might be acceptable. That and a trash collecting bag can turn your average Walk for Sanity into a PC clean-up adventure.

4. Club Mom: Teach your kids the joys of cranking it up. Try freeze music, follow-the-leader, and who-can-do-the-coolest-step.

5. Way Cool Tatoos: Let them draw all over your body, then return the favor. But note that permanent markers can get strange.

6. Rear Window: Well, we all do it, so why not do it right? Teach your kids the fine art of gathering clues, making up stories, and carrying on the legacy of Harriet the Spy.

7. The Endless Pony Ride: The next time you go to Payless and they have that damned pony out front, go for it. For two dollars, you could buy eight rides which might just give you enough time to read an entire magazine article.

8. Fresher Nails: For boys and girls alike, the allure of nail polish beckons, especially if you get weird with it.

9. Make Great Art: You know that ugly wall in your place? Paint some frames on it, and let the kids fill them in. The results might even be too cool to paint over when you move.

10. Tell Your Story: On the inside of your closet, let your kids narrate the story of their childhood. Write it on the walls so future tenants know what they have to live up to.