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When Is the World Going to Wake Up by Peredhil86

Many of you have probably seen or heard about Gaps PRODUCT(RED) campaign to raise money for women and children living with HIV/AIDS in Africa. (dont even get me started on how hypocritical this is on sooo many levels) How about those fancy commercials with killer special effects about "the know spreading". To many people HIV/AIDS is merely an ad many people its merely a condom advertisment. To many people AIDS is still a gay disease....and if not that its DEFINATELY not something someone believes will ever happen to them.

When is the world going to wake up?

To me HIV is filling my dads pill boxes every month. 10 pills in the morning, 11 pills at night. To me HIV is picking up vitamins for my parents at the Local AIDS project and seeing men and women of all ages with their eyes cast down, as if avoiding eye contact will mask their lesions. To me HIV is a phone call my parents recieved 14 years ago...its the dishes smashing on the floor, its a six year old watching her mommy fall to her knees and drop the phone. HIV is an everyday family, HIV is a preschool teacher, HIV is a grocery store manager. To me HIV is the wrinkles on my parents faces, its years of secrecy and fear. HIV is real. WHEN IS


My brother and I are negative...and we thank God for that everyday...we know that risk we were at the odds were against us. But living through this has made me wonder.... When are we going to fight this...every single one of us! Not just big corporations who can make a buck off of it, but ourselves, our neighbors and our government need to fight this tooth and nail. When is the real face of HIV/AIDS going to show its face? Yes, America has come a long way in acceptance, but fear still has us by the throat.

Protect yourselves, educate your children and teach tolerance.