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Academic entitlement

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Academic entitlement

This isn't a new article, but I was just thinking about this today after seeing so much of it in my fellow students.

Do you see a lot of this too? Does it ever irritate you? IME they are dead on when they talk about schools as being perceived as service providers - the I pay you tuition and you provide me with a degree sort of thing. It seems like there are so many of these students around. I might even say they are the rule rather than the exception. But then I also go to a school with a well-earned reputation for snootiness. And honestly I wouldn't care - because you don't work hard, you don't get good grades, none of my business - but the part that bothers me is that I work so much harder than they do, but in most cases they're graduating with little to no student debt because their parents are paying for it, and I'm going to graduate tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Frustrating.
Ever see this? Does it frustrate you too?

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I am glad that you posted

I am glad that you posted this article.

I think its absolutly RIDICULOUS to expect a prof to give you a better grade, because you "tried really hard", or because you paid for a service and now deserve a degree. I have two solid reasons for this.

1. Although I only have a college Diploma, I worked VERY HARD for it. I attended a College, that now has a bad reputation for allowing anyone to graduate. When I hit the job market, I had employers tell me that they were skeptical about hiring a "Sheridan Grad" (Sheridan was the college I attended), due to poor past experiences with Sheridan grads. Even when I was looking for an unpaid placement, as a part of my program, no one wanted a Sheridan student.

2. I am currently working with someone who just received her masters degree, and I swear to god, she dosn't know a damn thing. I have to do the majority of her work, because she simply dosn't understand how to do it. This is a social work field, and when I hear this person speaking to clients, I literally cringe. I would hate to be a person in crisis and speak to her on the phone. I have never heard someone speak down to another person so much in my life. She has ZERO people skills, and lets face it SUCKS at her job. In a 4-5 year Masters program....How was this over looked? I don't know her circumstances, or how she got her degree....but I do know that because she has preformed soo damn badly, that it makes the other Master of Social Worker employees look less capable. And I ask, how, am I....a collge diploma holder, doing the worker of a "Master Degree Holder"......

My uncles a prof at a university. Hes heard it all. Hes had people crying, begging and excusing poor acedemic behaviour. He told me that he is one of the only profs that WONT improve marks, and a lot of students are really nasty to him, because its become the norm/expectation.

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I know a lot of Masters and

I know a lot of Masters and PhD students with zero people skills.... Of the people I know, who have this issue, it is like they can't come down to an average persons level....

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Re: Academic entitlement

Your own hard work and work ethic is your own reward. You get to go through life w/ the tools to weather the rough times in life. People who feel they are entitled to things are the first to be smacked down when life doesnt give a flip. They may earn a degree but can they get a job?Aand if they get a job can they keep it? Ive worked with people that have degree's who lose their job due to bad attitudes and poor work ethic.