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anatomically correct dolls?

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anatomically correct dolls?

any thoughts on these? slater's former daycare used to have them and i remember thinking it was a good idea, as far as being open to kids about what bodies look like.

but the topic came up in a conversation at work and this woman said she had one and it would be worth a lot of money someday because they were pulled off the market. whoa!

so what do you all think? would you let your girl play with an anatomically correct girl doll? boy doll? your boy play with an anatomically correct boy doll? girl doll? boy and girl dolls with each other?

i was just kinda shocked that they were pulled off the market, so i'm still sorting through all this.

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anatomically correct dolls?

I don't have any kids, but I'm interested in this (hope thats okay). I think anatomically correct dolls are a good idea. I remember always having barbies, and she sure didn't do me any good as far as body image goes. I think that realistic dolls are a good idea, girl dolls not stick-skinny, etc, complete with nipples and body hair is fine with me. Boy dolls? I always wondered if boys were really like ken.

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anatomically correct dolls?

I think they're a great idea.
I didn't have one as a child and I believe it sends a fucked up message about your body if you have INcorrect dolls.
I remember wondering why my doll had no vulva but still had a butt when I was little.
Why were butt's okay and vulva somehow wrong?
Very odd.

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anatomically correct dolls?

I would let my kid of either gender play with such a doll of either gender, happily. Why don't dolls have genitals? it's creepy and teaches kids that genitals aren't an ok, normal thing to have. My kid already knows the word penis, just like every other body part, and I don't want him to feel like there's something wrong with that part of him, or even that it needs to be kept "private". If he wants to twirl his hair in public, okay (which he does). He wants to fiddle with his penis, fine by me (which he does also). I want my kids to be 100% comfortable in their bodies and feel like they have total control over them. I want my son to know about girl anatomy, inside and out. This stuff shouldn't even be controversial, we have bodies, so what? Dolls are supposed to be like little people, and instead they're just plastic lumps with a head and limbs- ick.

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anatomically correct dolls?

I'm all for anotomically correct dolls. I think the ones that are just smooth plastic or whatever where the genitals should be are soooo creepy! My daughter has two anitomically correct dolls, a boy and a girl. The boy doll we found in a free box, he was wearing clothes when we picked him up, when we got him home and my daughter took off his clothes (none of her dolls wear clothes for some reason) there was this little penis and testicals! Heheh. I wasn't expecting it, but it's cool, I'm glad she has it.

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anatomically correct dolls?

These dolls have to be some place.Has anyone looked for them?I would let my son have one if he would ever stop tearing up his stuff.

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anatomically correct dolls?

I never heard that they were pulled off the market, but I have heard that they've fallen out of vogue for use with therapists. I think that lots of 'professionals' used them to question kids about sexual abuse... which makes sense, and is probably the best way to get a young kid who's not all that verbal to show you what happened... but they started finding that lots of kids who weren't sexually abused would explore with these dolls in the course of the investigation. Sometimes, when the kids were really little, they didn't really grasp the difference between make-belive and real, and I think it was thought that over-use of the dolls led to too many false accusations. It's a touchy thing, because the last thing anyone wants to do is disbelieve the story of a sexual abuse survivor, but it's hard for folks to know, sometimes, what the truth really is. I think that these dolls became associated with that grey area. I doubt that all anatomically correct dolls have been pulled off the market. Maybe a few of the popular brands were discontinued due to a drop in demand among 'professionals.' That's just my guess. Or maybe certain stores decided to stop selling them? I mean, it's not like Walmart gives a shit about kids growing up with healthy body images or anything... and these days, there are fewer and fewer options.

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anatomically correct dolls?

Well, #1...I've never seen them either but I found a lot on eBay [just wanted to see pictures].

Actually, it's interesting. In one way, I felt kind of...scared? looking at them. My Barbies had flat smooth crotches. I remember putting my dolls together to make them have 'sex' [or what I thought sex was] that's a con of it. It freaks me out seeing that they have all parts...but that's me - I grew up with dolls that had flat crotches. Then again, if they become the ONLY doll that a generation plays with, they'd think that flat crotches were weird too.

Kind of reminds me of the pregnant barbie that was pulled off shelves because they say it promoted sex...

All in all...probably a good idea. Kinds need to learn their parts!

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anatomically correct dolls?

My son has an anatomically correct baby boy doll. Twp thoughts: I wanted him to have a doll, and I wanted to validate him as a boy who plays with dolls by providing him with a toy that sort-of resembles him, KWIM? And yep, the manufacturer doesn't make them for sale in the US anymore. Apparently, we can't handle the idea of genetalia for the toddler set.

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anatomically correct dolls?

I remember ordering some through a catalog when I was a kid. I thought it would be neat, and so my dad bought them for me.

I've never seen them in a store.

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Re: anatomically correct dolls?

We had them as a kid in our counselors office. I think you have to order them through a catalog.

I was looking for them when my son was little but I couldn't find them and everyone that I asked about them got grossed out. I didn't understand this. To me it is strange that dolls don't have genitals.

And I remember making my "regular" dolls have, what I thought was, sex. In my opinion, and I have discussed this with medical professionals, this is natural and apart of the "discovery" process.

Sex wasn't as confusing or such a high priority to me as it was to my classmates in high school. Relationships were hella confusing to me though!

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Re: anatomically correct dolls?

Never heard of them but I doubt keneil would be interested