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Brown Girl Gifts

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Brown Girl Gifts

A friend of mine posted this on facebook. It's a website selling merchandise that focuses on being positive and nurturing to the beauty and individuality of the brown girl.

Brown Girl is an affirmation of self.

It’s for both our precious little ones and for adult women who continue to nurture the spirit of that little brown girl that lives within them. By utilizing positive, uplifting phrases and universal appealing silhouette imagery, we strive to reinforce the philosophy that there is no one human ideal. With our world growing ever more culturally-diverse, we believe we have been given a remarkable opportunity to reframe brownness for our little girls as a connection that transcends ethnicity or nationality.

Being Brown is a gift.

To be adored and celebrated; a source of pride and beauty.

Within our infinite range of skin shadings, hair textures and other physical features; There is acceptance. There is community. There is love.

- M&D