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emergency contraception ("morning after pill") info

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emergency contraception ("morning after pill") info

Emergency contraception is often referred to as the "morning after pill," but this title is misleading, because emergency contraception is effective when taken UP TO 72 HOURS AFTER UNPROTECTED SEX.

A bit of information about EC, from (possible rape trigger?)

Emergency contraception -- also called postcoital contraception -- is a form of birth control that may be used by women within 72 hours of having unprotected sex. The treatment generally is reserved for emergency situations and is not a regular method of birth control. Emergencies include being raped, having a condom break or slip off during sex, missing two or more birth control pills during a monthly cycle, and having unplanned sex.

How Does It Work?

Emergency contraception may prevent pregnancy by temporarily blocking eggs from being produced, by stopping fertilization, or keeping a fertilized egg from becoming implanted in the uterus.

Emergency contraception can be provided in two ways: using hormonal contraceptive pills or inserting a copper-releasing IUD (intrauterine device).

* Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECP) are most commonly used and are taken in two doses. The first dose should be taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse, and the second dose 12 hours later.
* An IUD can be inserted to prevent pregnancy up to five days after unprotected intercourse

How Effective Is Emergency Contraception?

It is about 75% effective when taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex.

Where Can I Get Emergency Contraception?

ECP are available at Planned Parenthood; college, public, and women's health centers; private doctors; and some hospital emergency rooms.

Some doctors will prescribe ECP over the phone and call the prescription in to a pharmacy. ECP are available directly from some pharmacists in Washington state.

Who Should Not Use Emergency Contraception?

Emergency contraception should not be used by women who are already pregnant because it is ineffective at terminating established pregnancies.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Emergency Contraception?

The most common side effects associated with emergency contraception include:

* Nausea
* Abdominal pain
* Fatigue
* Headache
* Menstrual changes

Ask your doctor or pharmacist about ways to reduce nausea. They may prescribe some anti-nausea medicine for you to take before you take ECP.

Does It Protect Against Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

No. Emergency contraception will not protect you from contracting an STD.

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The morning after pill

I had taken the morning after pill....I took it EXACTLY like i was supposed to, and I even had the side effects from it "mostly nausea". I got my period like normal a few days later......a few weeks later however, i found out I'm pregnant....I think you should have put in this topic the very serious side effects the morning after pill can have if you still become pregnant if you took it...You can have a tubular pregnancy *or whatever its called, heh*
when they baby grows in your tubes instead of your uterus...I have still yet to find out if this is whats happening to me...its a scary thing.

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emergency contraception("morning after pill")info

emergency contraception reduces your chances of getting preggers from having unprotected sex to under 1 percent. you still have a chance of getting preggers.

and if you have sex again, it does not protect you from getting preggers again. you have to take emergency contraception again.

so, say you had unprotected sex took EC, you're pretty unlikely to get preggers from that sex. but then a few days later if you had unprotected sex again. you need to take EC again. otherwise, you still are at a high risk of pregnancy.

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emergency contraception("morning after pill")info

there are 7states in the us where women can get ecp directly from a pharmacy.

To find out what states and pharmacies participate go to

I had to take ecp a couple weeks ago, and the pharmacist told me that they've broadened the time frame... Now they say within 5days of one act of unprotected sex. (given that there hasn't yet been inplantation.)


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emergency contraception("morning after pill")info

the last time i went for ec, one of the posters there said its effective up like 102 hours now, but still more effective the faster you get it. and it makes you nauseous. extremely. but, man, its a life saver, thats for sure.