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Girl-Mom is PRO-CHOICE!

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Girl-Mom is PRO-CHOICE!

My Choice, Your Choice, Her Choice. PRO-CHOICE. is a politically progressive, left-aligned, pro-choice, feminist website. intends to support young mothers, of all backgrounds, in their struggles for reproductive freedom and social support. is a radically PRO-CHOICE SITE. We intend to do our best to maintain a SAFE SPACE for women who have had abortions. There exists no other space where young mothers who have also chosen abortion can speak freely and honestly about all their reproductive choices. Because of this goal of maintaining a safe space for mothers who have had abortions, anti-choice discussion and opinions will not be allowed.

We are not attempting to "silence your opinon" and do not feel as if the pro-choice nature of the site is intended to dictate other's personal beliefs to them. What we are doing is ensuring that mothers who have had abortions never have to feel as if their choices are being questioned, and never feel judged, ridiculed or shamed for those choices while visiting Be anti-abortion all you want, just don't talk about it at There are many, many other places for you to discuss your anti-choice beliefs; there are no other places for young mothers to feel safe in discussing their abortions.

If you call abortion "gruesome" or "murder" or "immoral" or any variation of these judgements, you will be asked to stop. If you make judgement calls as to what types of abortions are "allowable" in your eyes, or discuss cut-off dates for "moral abortions", you will be asked to stop. If you make any statement that makes a mother who has had an abortion feel uncomfortable, judged, ridiculed or shamed, you will be asked to stop. This is in response to repeated requests by the members of this board who have had abortions. They do not feel safe if they are being judged and questioned, even subtly or indirectly. Even if you don't realize you are doing it, very often, you are hurting them. If you do not refrain, after warning, from this hurtful language, you will be asked to leave the message board while you rethink your actions. If you cannot do so, you will be banned.

Our reproductive choices are not up for debate or questioning. As young mothers, we all know what it is like for our reproductive choices to be questioned and judged as "deviant", or wrong, by the rest of society. Women who have abortions receive this same judgement, but to a larger extent, and are called murderers, babykillers, whores, sluts, immoral, ... the list goes on. Because of this, most women who have abortions are shamed into silence, and don't openly speak of these choices that they have made. No woman should ever feel ashamed for choosing what is best for herself, her womb, her existing and her potential children, and her life.

We will diligently fight to maintain as the ONE space on the web where young mothers can freely speak of ALL their reproductive choices. NO WOMAN who visits should feel judged or shamed or ridiculed, even if only by implication or indirect and non-specific judgement, because of her choices. Women who have had abortions are allowed the right to define terms and direct conversations towards non-hurtful language when these discussions arise. Women who have not had abortions are asked to respect this, and recognize that since they have not shared this experience they then do not understand what is needed in order to maintain a safe space.

With your help, this community can be a groundbreaking space, where all women can discuss our choices, WHATEVER they may be, and find support, information, friendship and solidarity.

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Girl-Mom is PRO-CHOICE!


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Girl-Mom is PRO-CHOICE!


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