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Hey everyone! :)

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Hey everyone! :)

Hi there everyone! :)
My girlfriend and I are about to have our first baby in June and we're both a bit nervous since we are quite young (I'm 19 and she is 18) and dont really have a support network at home. We hope you guys can help us out in the coming months and we can share this wonderful time with you too :)


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Re: Hey everyone! :)

Welcome, Andy! I was 18 when I first became pregnant, too.

Make sure to check out our Mission Statement in the announcements forum to get a good sense of what we're all about.

We are so glad to have you (both of you?) on the boards. :)

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Re: Hey everyone! :)

Welcome to Girlmom! This is an awesome resource and I'm glad y'all found us!

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Re: Hey everyone! :)

I was 16 when I got pregnant. I hope you guys find what your looking for on this site!!!