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Hey everyone!!New Here

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Hey everyone!!New Here

Hey everyone,I am 16yrs old,my names Amber. and I have a 14 month old son named Kaynan.Iam looking forward to talking to all of you!!

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Hey everyone!!New Here

Hey Amber. Im 17 years old my name is Tabbi and im 10 weeks pregnant. Im sure you will really like it here, everyone is very helpful and supportive. Welcome to GM :)

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Hey everyone!!New Here

Hi, I'm Theresa. 14 years old, 6 more months to go :). People here try all they can to help you.

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Hey everyone!!New Here


I'm Sarah, 18. Proud mum to 1.5 year old Isaiah & I'm pregnant with a June bug. I'm girlfriend to Kenric.

Hope to see you around

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Hey everyone!!New Here

hey girl 18 here happy mum to brett allen soon to be three. brett was born the day after christmas so hes my lil blessing

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Hey everyone!!New Here

hey and welcome to girl-mom

My name is Chontelle im 20 years old due with my first in Novemeber and i live in New Zealand.

Need to talk or vent just let me know.

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Hey everyone!!New Here

Hi Amber! Welcome. I am a 19yo mama to a 3 month old baby. Hope you like it here!