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Mirena IUD

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Mirena IUD

Just wondering what everyone else's experiences have been with the Mirena IUD..

I got mine inserted in February and 3 months later I'm STILL bleeding every single day, ugh. I've also had alot of issues with anxiety and panic attacks since getting it and my Dr insists it cant be related, but Im not so sure.

If you have had the Mirena, how long did the bleeding last for?? I'm seriously contemplating getting it removed but Im afraid of another unplanned pregnancy.. I have a history of pulmonary emboli so any birth control with estrogen is a big no no for me, and that seriously limits my birth control options.

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I had a mirena, I'm not sure

I had a mirena, I'm not sure how long I bled but I don't think it was very long. I had no hormonal side effects, but I do with all other hormonal bc I've tried.

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i adore my mirena. ibled

i adore my mirena. ibled about a wk or so straight and now i bleed randomly for about an hr or so. It's acyually more like spotting. i had the copper and had a lot of problems like youre talking about and i never have heard of depression as a symptom but im not sure if it really could be or not. sorry ill try and see what info i can find for you

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I bled for a super long time

I bled for a super long time (a couple of months at least) on the Mirena. My anxiety/panic/depression increased on it as well. I also had a lot of cramping (and I mean ALOT). I eventually got fed up with it, and had it removed. Some people just don't re-act well to certain things. You may not be re-acting well to it.

Also, i had a hell of a time "convincing" my doctor that it was not the birth control for me. They kept telling me that it was not related. Funny, all the problems went away after having it removed. Go figure.

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I have a flex-t non-hormonal

I have a flex-t non-hormonal iud (5 year), and it is wonderful. I haven't dealt with any spotting. My last IUD was a 2.5 year copper IUD and I always spotted (but I had also just had a baby). Here the flex-t only costs $60, and for 5 years, that is fabulous. I havent tried the Merina bc it costs $300 here.

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I have the Merina. Im not a

I have the Merina. Im not a huge fan of it yet, but I got mine inserted in Feb after I got my period back from having my abortion.
I just stopped with the constant bleeding/spotting last month, and now I'm on my period. It hasn't done anything for making my period lighter yet, but I'm really hoping it does, because I have periods from hell.

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i had the mirena put in after

i had the mirena put in after the 6 week waiting period after i gave birth to my daughter and i bled constantly for 4 months, my depression got worse, i started having panic attacks, i wasn't able to function and when i went to my doc's office to talk bout having it removed she asked me what i was feeling and i told her bout the bleeding nonstop for 4 months and the depression and panic attacks and she said that it was a wise decision for me to have it taken out... She also told me that a good replacement BC would be the patch, yes it has estrogen in it but it has a fairly lower dose than the other types of BC out there... you change once a week and then on the 4th week you just dont wear one, my periods became lighter and less cramping right from the start of using it, i'm currently not on any birth control and in the past year we've not had any pregnancy scares at all (i'm hoping that i'm just that lucky right now) i hope my experience helps out, cuz honestly i couldn't deal with the constant bleeding from the mirena and once i had it taken out all my symptoms disappeared (the bleeding stopped in 2 days, my depression got better, and the panic attacks vanished into thin air)