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Roll Call! What's going on with our kids?

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Roll Call! What's going on with our kids?

I know some of us have children who have a tougher road than other children and I'd like to know who's still around.

I'm mother to Maddox who is 8 years old now with child onset schizophrenia. I also have a 15 month old son who is the gerber baby. He had reflux when he was an infant as well as dairy, corn, and soy allergies with a tongue tie. He his tongue clipped and he seems to have outgrown all his food allergies.

Who's next?

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Re: Roll Call! What's going on with our kids?

I have Blake, who is 4. He has Asperger's. It's getting more difficult as he gets older. He currently isn't in school and is home ALL DAY LONG. Every week we have OT and PT, and on tuesdays he goes to a resource group "preschool" for 2 hours. I'm in the process of getting a full time job, not only for the money, but I need to get a break. I've been on meds for depression since November, which has helped me deal with the day to day stress of having a child on the spectrum.

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Re: Roll Call! What's going on with our kids?

Squid is seven. He's come a long way since starting medicine for his mood disorder and ADD. We're still in the process of figuring out what works best for him in terms of dosage and timing. He's definitely a sweeter more lively kid on the weekend when he doesn't take the ADD meds, but he needs them to do well at school. I wish there were more options of kid friendly schools.

He's really interested in reading these days. He's interested in animals and jokes and playmobile toys. He's also way too interested in playing games on my phone.

Having a sped kid is definitely a big deal. It adds a whole new twist to things like having housemates and dating and being involved with his school. I'm glad to have other mamas to talk to about it.

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Re: Roll Call! What's going on with our kids?

Jayden is almost 8 and also has add. He has a hard time sometimes controlling his actions and the way he responds to things. Theori has awful reflux and consistently vomits ( we thought it was going away but it didn't). Despite the issues they are sweet bright kids and they make my day.

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Re: Roll Call! What's going on with our kids?

Zoe's 9. she has diagnosis of ADHD, Anxiety, ODD, and we just found out probably SPD. Sigh.
She was just inpatient for five days at the hospital and we're still trying to figure all this shit out. It sucks -- for her and for her dad and me.

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Re: Roll Call! What's going on with our kids?

Lex is 9 and deals with anxiety and sensory processing issues. Also, her behavioural specialist suspects she may have adhd, although we've chosen to forego the diagnostic process so far. The school has been excellent about working with us and deferring to our judgement when coming up with ways to deal with her behaviours.

Between her and Kaiden, in the fall I was literally getting called to the school for a conference, or to pick up a child, on a daily basis. It was exhausting. Kaiden has a hard time controlling his anger. Again, we've been able to come up with an awesome plan with the school and get the situation under control. His teacher is awesome at recognizing his triggers, knowing when he's about to go off and getting him to a place where he can calm down.

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Re: Roll Call! What's going on with our kids?

my 8 year old kid has an autism spectrum disorder (we're almost done with the diagnostic process--last appointment next week). he seems normal to me, but i was just diagnosed with high functioning autism, so that could be why.

i eventually had to take him out of school. there just wasn't a way that i could make it work for us--he was at a really amazing school with small classes and individual attention, and he was still having really severe symptoms all. the. time. (most of you probably know that symptoms of almost all behavioral health issues worsen with stress, and with an asd, there's a good body of evidence behind this. he was soooo stressed out by school.)

anyway, i took him out of school halfway through 1st grade, in december 2010. i had been in the hospital for a month for my own mental health issues just 9 months prior, so it was a huge leap of faith as to whether it would work out for me to homeschool him. as luck would have it, though, that was the magic bullet for us. after a couple months of "deschooling" (a process all kids go through when they are taken from school to homeschool), thinks really started to improve for him, and we've pretty much been doing great ever since. i have no plans to re-enrolll him in school.

one of the toughest elements for me is wondering how much i should try to mainstream him. my perception tends to be that this world and our systems are seriously screwed up, and that fitting into the dysfunction isn't something i want for my kid or myself. however, after 30 years living as an outsider, i know it can be lonely and emotionally painful. i'm not sure how much my kiddo even *could* mainstream, even if i pushed it. but i could push harder. there are social therapies available that could help him mainstream more than he is right now. i just really feel most moved to help him be authentic. not hire people to teach him to behave differently. (i want to say that i do realize that behavior modification is absolutely nessesary in some cases--but my kid isn't hurting himself or others, isn't destroying property, isn't screaming at me or anyone else. he just rambles and is ritualistic and has very focused interests and doesn't like to be told what to do/is anti-authoritarian--but i am also, and he is very amicable to negotiating is he's approached respectfully, as an equal.)

i'm not even sure if i'm making sense. but, there.

(i also have and am being treated for major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. so it's a barrel of monkeys over here.)

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Re: Roll Call! What's going on with our kids?

both my boys were born with club feet. Its mostly been dealt with althoguh we've now found out its not just random as they thought but rather it was a sign of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which is a collagen defect. Right now Ian is just extremely flexible. He's not supposed to be stretching or even doing most normal PE sports. But I think its ok as he's more of a reader and artsy than anything. Aidan was recently diagnosed with ADHD although we're choosing not to medicate at this point. He also has a speech delayment but is working with his schools speech therapist and his kindergarten teachers as well. They are in a charter school and we live in a small town so its a small school anyways and they are all about the children working at their own pace and the parent being the childrens first teacher. They have been amazing with working with any special help we may need about about not pushing or holding the boys back from where they're comfortable at their school work.

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Re: Roll Call! What's going on with our kids?

I am not sure what Lyric's diagnosis is, but some sort of attachment issue. She's been in counseling for almost two years now. We meet with her psychologist twice a month and we do homework at home. She isn't on any meds.

I really like her psychologist! He has been working with kids for 25 years and I think it was important for her to see male since she's had a lot of issues with men (her dad, my dad, so on). He also has worked with a lot of deadbeat dads, so it's really cool he's seen all sides. I sit in on part of her sessions and sit out for part. She really trusts him and we talk about "males who we trust and like" and she always brings up him.

I have done a lot of my own counseling, too (got sober, eating disorder treatment, communication issues, anxiety, and depression) and took some parenting classes and that helped tremendously. Mornings aren't such a struggle and she's a lot nicer to my boyfriend (she was taking a lot of shit out on him). She also listens better in terms of boundaries and respecting others.

She also has asthma and since stress has been going down in our home, she hasn't had as many asthma attacks. It's kind of cool to see the correlation.