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Single mom grants ?

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Single mom grants ?

Hey girls i really want to go to college make a difference for myself and my daughter. Im 20 years old im from wisconsin and i have a 4 year old daughter, i got my cna in 2006 but never did anything with it. I really got hard into the drinking and partying and its getting worse and its really depressing me and making me feel like a horrible mother and i want to change it. I live in Wisconsin and have searched the net for something on getting a grant for a sinlgle mother and i cannot find a thing. if anyone could give me any info that would be great thank you!

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Have you submitted a FAFSA

Have you submitted a FAFSA this year? You can get a lot of grants and financial aid as a single parent but you need to fill out a FAFSA! A lot of colleges offer grants specifically for single moms, do you know where you'd like to go to school?

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Definitely fill out the FAFSA

Definitely fill out the FAFSA . Also, oftentimes grants available are associated with specific schools, so figuring out where you are/might be going is a good first step. Some schools even have programs for non-traditional students (including moms) that have separate pools of grant money. You can also look on websites like or google search for different types of grants. I would advise you to apply for as many as you can find - you have a better chance of getting money that way.

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I second all these ideas and

I second all these ideas and then go check out the scholarship office at the school you want to attend.

Also, don't wait on the money to start applying. Oftentimes for the years I was going to school I would have no idea how it was all going to get paid for until the first or sometimes even the second week of classes. Just make sure you know when the absolute deadline is to drop without having to pay anything. If the money doesn't come through you can always drop your classes then.