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Sometimes we all need a little reminder

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Sometimes we all need a little reminder

We all need reminders sometimes.

If you see anyone saying or doing something on the boards that offends you, makes you feel uncomfortable, or angers you... LET US KNOW.

Lately we have been getting PMs from members saying they are upset with the huge amount of antichoice undertones and trolls. We know how hard it can be to see those reminders of what we all fight for. We know how hard it is to see someone come in and invade your safe space.

We, as mods, are trying. We do try to call those people out in the threads. We also make sure it is dealt with in PMs. We all want to encourage learning and unlearning but when people feel uncomfortable or angered that is less likely to happen. We talk as mods and make sure that we know whats going on with members. But we have also realized you all might not be seeing all we do. If you feel uncomfortable, angered, upset or hurt please let us know! We can't fix problems we don't know about. PM mod_squad or any of the mods personally. PM all of us if you really feel like it. We are here to help. We want you all to feel comfortable here and willing to help the learning and unlearning process. And most of all the sharing and growth that happens between us.

We want to make sure people know the rules here. We want them to come and learn from us. But we also don't all have the time to do background checks on everyone that comes in. We need your help too. If you see anything please let us know. Help us in sharing with other new members where the stickies are.

Do you all feel comfortable here? We realize the fact that most people aren't happy with some of the things that go on here. If we critize and get on people someone will think we are harsh. If we back off and see what happens people are upset that that person is still here. Being a mod isn't always easy. We have to make these decisions but we need your input too. We need your advice and backing when we do have to be harsh to someone. I think its insane that people can come here and talk to us about antichoice things and spread it out like it was nothing. We as mods don't agree with it and would like to help them learn but also ban them if needed.

I know this was a bit rambly but I hope you all understand. I hope that you all will understand being a mod isn't easy, we don't get paid and take our time to be here and watch things. We all love being here and helping out and thats why we do it. We need your backing when we make difficult calls about banning or warning someone. And most of all we need you all to let us know when you think something is wrong or someone is spouting things they shouldn't.

Thanks ladies!