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Super-mom Volunteer Needed for Photo shoot!!!

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Super-mom Volunteer Needed for Photo shoot!!!

I'm shooting a photo essay as a class assignment but also for the community at large. My approach is to shed much needed light on the distinction between young people who "end up" parents and people who choose to be parents at a young age. I intend to dispell the myth that "teen pregnancy" is a dirty word and that having children young is something to be pittied or looked upon with disdain.

To do this I intend to follow around a young family over a few days and capture the parent/child interactions during play times, meal-times, and discipline times (if they occur). I'd like to capture the preperation for school/work and maybe bedtime routines. Anything that is associated with parenting I want to show in a setting where the parents happen to be young dispelling the rumor that we don't know what we're doing.

Any takers? Remember I'm in the Austin area.