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Thinking about school *possible privilege trigger

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Thinking about school *possible privilege trigger

I've been thinking a lot about returning to school so I can finish my bachelor's degree and go for my MSW.

I'm hesitant about it, because:

I currently have no real counted income and am on HUD, so I have completely free housing. I am BARELY making it as things are right now.

I'm worried that if I start getting student loans etc to pay for school, HUD will want me to start paying rent, and I will be drowning the way I was when I was working full time and had to pay for everything. Does anyone have experience with this?

I am afraid of running up a debt, because I am debt free right now and barely making it on the assistance I have, but making it nonetheless.

My 1.5 year old has never been in daycare, I have no one really available to help with him, and there is no possible way I could afford daycare right now, at least not without student loans. If I wait two years my daughter will be old enough to stay home with him, but that may be an unfair responsibility for her.

Any advice about this is appreciated. I don't really know where to start and the whole idea of doing it with all the responsibilities I already currenlty have seems daunting.

I feel like it would be really good for me to go to school. I finally have a clear idea of what I want to do and how I will apply my degree, both in the semi-long term and the long-term. I just feel like, I don't want to be putting off my life until the kids "grow up." I love staying home with them, but I am getting super bored just being home all the time, I want to move forward with my life.