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Wow it has been forever

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Wow it has been forever

My name is Kimmy and I found girlmom way back when there were only a handful of mamas. I was pretty quiet and unsure of myself back then and didn't post a whole lot. I was one of the "older" moms as I didnt find Girlmom till I had my third child. I was around 20 at the time. I learned so much from Ally and all of the beautiful young moms. I made my husband go on road trips to meet mamas and had mamas come stay at my house for weekend visits. I still keep in contact with a few who have really touched my life. The relationships made here really are special.

Now for my update: I am now almost 33 years old. I have 6 kids. Yup you read that right 6. J my odest son is 17 and in the 11th grade. He is on the football team and recently joined the national honor society. He has his license (I had panic attacks about that one), a job, and he volunteers at the local hospital.

M is kid #2 and is 14. He plays baseball and basketball and is my social butterfly but we wont tell him I called him a butterfly lol. He is just like I was at his age and I worry about him often as he thinks he is invincable.

D is almost 13 and he is my jokester. He plays baseball and does well in school. He keeps me on my toes with all of the jokes. He is super quiet till you get to know him and then your in trouble. He is a really good friend and everyone loves to be around him.

J is almost 9. He is biologically my nephew. I got custody of him when he was 13 months old and adopted him at 3. Things havent always been easy with J as he has learning disabilities as well as issues with the adoption but thats a story for another day. We have been through years of therapy and doctors visits and are coming along. He is doing so much better than I ever thought he would.

P is my only daughter and at 7 I can tell she is gonna be my trouble maker. She is such a girly girl which I am definitly not. She seems to have it balanced though because she can hit a baseball and wrestle with the boys in the blink of an eye.

G is my youngest at almost 6 (lots of birthdays coming up). He is my baby and will let you know it. He is sweet and sensitive but he has no fear. I am constantly asking him to stop climbing on things.

I am an office manager in an accounting firm during the week and attempting to get my photography business off the ground on the weekends. DH and I have been together for 18 years and married for 16.

If you made it this far I applaud you. For someone who was so quiet I seem to have a lot to say :) Im off to walk to school and have lunch with my babies. I may not be around much but if you have any questions Im an open book.


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Welcome back, Kimmy! I'm so

Welcome back, Kimmy! I'm so glad to hear from you. That's quite the family you've got! See you around the boards. :)

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Hey! Welcome back! :)

Hey! Welcome back! :)

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Aw babe that update is

Aw babe that update is amazing! You are one awesome mama, I'm in awe - you must have excellent time management skills :D

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Welcome back to GM. I am one

Welcome back to GM. I am one of 15, and now that we are all grown, I really appreciate having a big family!

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Thank you for the welcome! It

Thank you for the welcome! It's nice to see that this is still a resource for young mamas, and I hope that it continues to be so. I am not sure of my place here anymore so I think I will just jump in every once in a while if I can offer help. Honestly though if I can do anything let me know.

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Your family sounds amazing. Welcome back!