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A Year Without Sugar

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A Year Without Sugar

I've been reading this blog:

As I've mentioned, my daughter is on an extremely sugar-restricted diet to control her ECC, and as a result, our whole family is mindful about sugar. I've been loving this blog and would love to talk about sugar replacers with others!

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Re: A Year Without Sugar

She says "refined sugar". Are you still eating brown/cane/un-proccesed sugars? My mom is vegan, and also restricts refined sugars. All her sugars come from fruits. Uses Agave Syrup (its kinda like Honey) to sweeten coffee.

I imagine this is a very difficult diet to follow, becuase refined sugar is hidden in so many of the things we eat....things that we wouldn't expect it to be in. I try to avoid sugar....and even things like yoghurt..I CANNOT find sugar free yoghurt at the grocery store, that dosn't have artificial sweetner. Our bodies can become badly addicted to white sugars, too. The detox is not fun.

It is healthier, and do-able. Your body will feel much better after you detox from it, too!

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Re: A Year Without Sugar

That's a really awesome resource! Thanks for posting it.

I'll take sugar over artificial sweeteners any day, it's nice to see that there are so many other options. One thing that really makes me angry is how we are supposed to buy the bullshit that everything is so much healthier if we just take the sugar out of it and add chemicals to still make it taste sweet.

I believe that I suffered from aspartame poisoning and that contributed to my developing fibromyalgia. My body is completely intolerant to sucralose, so much so that I can't have a tiny cup of sugar free yogurt without walking with a limp for the next week. It really annoys me to see so many products labelled sugar free or fat free that pretend to be healthy, meanwhile they contain what is essentially poison.

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Re: A Year Without Sugar

I need to try a completely sugar free diet. I already limit sweets, but I still get massively overtaken by thrush once or twice a month. I imagine it'll be hard, because sugar is in like, everything. It was hard enough cutting out gluten and corn products.